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Start PDM program differs from other start programs in 3 ways: Image/docking rectangle floats on your desktop
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14 November 2013

Editor's review

Most of us have come across different startup programs that claim to change the way you access your data and applications. However a large section of such applications offer cosmetic features that barely do more than giving you shortcuts. With the Start PDM 1.3 you get the chance to achieve a great deal more than just quickly accessing your data. It incidentally serves as a password manager which securely keeps your important password besides adding a personal information pad for jotting down key things.

The Start PDM 1.3 can be easily docked on to a side of your desktop and accessed on a click of a mouse. It interestingly also allows you change its appearance by adding any image art, from its collection, you wish as its skin. It packs over 30 highly creative and elegant image art for your perusal. It comes with a Social media quick help that can used to reach your favorite social sites on one click. The application can serve as repository to all the sites that you regularly access including banking sites. Moreover it protects the encompassed passwords and other data through strong encryption which other from accessing the content. It also has a neat feature to display time which you can choose to be announced after a given interval or say an hour. Additional modules or other elements can be accessed by visiting the bottom pane of the application. When you are looking to access your contents you need to use the data module which can be brought out with a left click.

Given the fact that Start PDM 1.3 includes a set of very well thought out and innovative features, we mark the tool with a score of three and half rating stars. With a little bit of thought you can use this remarkable tool to clear the clutter from your desktop.

Publisher's description

Start PDM program differs from other Start programs in 3 ways: The image/docking rectangle floats on your desktop. It comes with an art module loaded with multimedia and a 'Magic Art Wizard'. It comes with a data module to manage and easily access your personal data. The art module is loaded with 30 high quality skins, with and without transparency, and includes the 'Magic Art Wizard' which allows to to drag and drop any art image of your choice, which then instantly transforms into your custom Start PDM image. The data module uses very advanced encryption technology and is extremely useful. Think about having all your personal data, names, address, account numbers, bank numbers, ... web site addresses, user ID's, passwords, ... everything you need all the time, all in one neat, easy to access and highly secure place. What a concept.
You can right click on the start image to get the standard start menu stuff plus some extra goodies. You can double click the start menu image to show your desktop and stop all talking, sounds, and music, instantly. Left click just below the image for the data module, right click for the art module. Also includes a 'Personal Scratch Pad', 'Announce The Time' capability, 'Social Media Menu', many personal data slots, instant access to those hard-to-remember websites, website / user ID / password slots, password and common data masking and personal data printing capability. Also include a magic, Drag and Drop, file organizer.
Works with all Windows operating systems and IE, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Opera Stable. Drag and drop just about any document, picture, sound, music, video from your messy desktop and the file will be copied to the appropriate folder. Great for cleaning your desktop and organizing things. Designed to minimize arm movement, mouse clicking, and need to think about where things are. Everything is there, in one neat, custom, floating package as a small custom image or docking rectangle. Enjoy.
Start PDM
Start PDM
Version 1.3
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